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Remote destination travel requires superior products

Buying Guides

     that last the journey now and for years to come !

We have put together a list of buying guides for you to make

that purchasing decission just a little bit easier. When

considering products for your next adventure, consider

what you need from the product, is it being used daily, 

weekly or even months on end. Will it last the journey?

Climate & conditions like those of the Austraian Outback

are a true test on any equipment in todays market.


"Remote Travel Products have been tested in the harshest conditions the Outback can throw at them.​"


The Australian made Hannibal Safari tent range now has 5 different sizes and 4 different models.

Hannibal roof racks have proven over the years to be the strongest, lightest and most rugged safari roof racks in the world

Full time monitoring means you can check your tyre pressures from the safety and comfort of the drivers seat.

Cool, comfortable and breathable. No static build up, Airbag compliant, available in light khaki and grey.

This is one of the best products you will ever use for camping

Ideal for camping, RV’ing, fishing, and watching sports.