HSE Legless Awnings

Introducing the Hannibal Safari Legless Awning Series – an innovative, hassle-free outdoor shelter designed to elevate your camping experience. This series is meticulously crafted to offer instant shade and protection in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every adventurer and every vehicle. Below is a breakdown of the three sizes available, each tailored to meet specific needs while maintaining the hallmark ease-of-use and robust construction Hannibal is known for.

1.3m x 1.4m Awning: Compact Convenience

  • Ideal for: Smaller vehicles and tight spaces, like the Defender rear.
  • Features: This model offers the perfect balance between compact design and ample shade, making it the go-to choice for solo adventurers or those with limited mounting space.
  • Benefits: Easy to deploy in just 30 seconds, its size does not compromise on the quality and protection provided against sun and rain.

1.3m Hannibal Legless Awning


1.9m x 1.7m Awning: Versatile Mid-Size

  • Ideal for: Medium-sized vehicles, offering a generous shade area without being overly cumbersome.
  • Features: Strikes the perfect balance in size and functionality, providing more coverage for group activities or larger setups.
  • Benefits: Maintains swift setup and takedown, with enhanced stability for windy conditions. Offers a broader shelter for cooking, lounging, or gear protection.

1.9m Hannibal Legless Awning


2.4m x 2m Awning: Maximum Coverage

  • Ideal for: Larger vehicles and groups needing extensive shade and protection.
  • Features: The largest in the series, it's designed for those who refuse to compromise on space and comfort.
  • Benefits: Provides vast coverage while retaining the series' signature quick deployment and robustness against the elements. Ideal for family outings, extended camping trips, and as a communal gathering space.

2.4m Hannibal Legless Awning


Hannibal Safari Premium self supporting roof rack mounted Awnings


Awning Fitment - Click here to view PDF instructions

Hannibal Safari Awnings are manufactured in Australia and can be custom made to suit any vehicle with a suitable roof rack. Please call us for custom awning sizes 1300 369 270