Discover the Difference: 80 Series Landcruiser Seat Covers & Dash Mat


Embark on an overland adventure with your 80 Series Landcruiser in comfort with the ultimate in vehicle protection: a custom-fit front and middle row seat cover, complemented by an Escape Gear dash mat designed to add even more storage to your 80 Series Landcruiser. Check out the video below as Jason Harris from Mozart Overland Outfitters runs through his experience with Escape Gear accessories.

Not just enhancements but essential gear for anyone looking to preserve the integrity and appearance of their Landcruiser's interior.


Shipping now from Australia to your door.

The seat covers, crafted from heavy-duty canvas, promise durability and functionality without compromising fit and finish. Designed specifically for the 80 Series Landcruiser, they envelop the front and middle rows, ensuring every inch of your seating is protected from the wear and tear of daily adventures. Including practical elements like a snapped pocket on the side and a robust pocket at the back adds a layer of convenience, making them not just protective gear but also a smart storage solution.

The dash mat, which Jason has been using for quite a while, stands out for its exceptional quality. It protects the dashboard from the harsh effects of the sun and reduces glare, enhancing driving safety. Like the seat covers, the dash mat is custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit that complements the vehicle's interior aesthetics.


Jason’s experience highlights the ease of maintenance, a crucial aspect for adventurers who put their vehicles through rigorous use. The ability to remove the seat covers and dash mat, wash them, and reinstall them means your 80 Series can be ready for your next journey without skipping a beat. This ease of care, combined with the durability of the materials, ensures that your Landcruiser's interior remains in top condition, preserving its value and comfort.

Shipping now from Australia to your door.

Ordering these bespoke accessories is a seamless experience, underscored by Remote Travel's exceptional customer service. The full range is available on the website, so you can hand pick to ensure covers meet your needs. Jason's testimonial confirms the prompt delivery and the high quality of craftsmanship that goes into each product.

For those intrigued by Jason’s walkthrough and looking to equip their 80 Series Landcruiser with these essential accessories, check out our ESCAPE GEAR range for more information.

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