Got a hole in your tent cover?

Author: Remote Travel Products   Date Posted:8 September 2017 

Here's my tip for the week for Hannibal tent owners.

What do you do if you get a hole in your tent cover?

Simple run a patch. I expect that the next question will be what glue should I use and where can I get some material from?

Well if you haven't got any vinyl already give me a call or email and I will send you some material.

I also recommend that when you cut the patch to cover your hole or tear that you round the corners on the patch so there is no edge for things to grab at to destroy your good work. I also recommend that you patch the inside of the cover so it's not as visual on the outside.

With reference to the glue. Now this is where it gets interesting. I asked WCT the Australian manufacturers of the vinyl we now use for our transit covers.

I was advised to use PVC glue the type you use when gluing PVC pipe together. This glue is available at all hardware stores and plumbing shops.

When you pick up the glue don't forget to purchase the Primer as well. That is the reason why this works so well.

It is just a simple manner of having a clean dry surface to work with. don't forget to mask the area if you don't want to make a mess. Wipe or brush the primer on and let it dry and then coat both surfaces with the glue.

When tacky stick together and apply some pressure.

It will stick in a matter of minutes. Leave it for a couple of hours to cure. A day would even better if your not in a rush.

I keep on going back to my sample one and I recon its as strong as the high frequency weld that is done when the cover is made.

This vinyl repair is for all covers made from the Australia WCT vinyl. if you require further clarification contact on 1300 369 270 or


PVC gluePVC gluePVC glue

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